Ep 1: Hawkwind

January 23, 2021 Andy Hood & Matt Longstaff Season 1 Episode 1
Ep 1: Hawkwind
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Matt's introduction to Hawkwind - will he overcome his confusion?  Will he like "Hurry On Sundown"?  How will he cope with "The Reason Is?" and "Paranoia"?  All this, plus we catch up on what else we've been listening to, look at the music scene of 1970 and chat about where the Hawkwind concept seems to be headed.  Catch us, correct us and share your views of Hawkwind's first album @Hawkbinge on Twitter & Insta, email podcast@Hawkbinge.space

Turntable Picks
Release Context
First Impressions
Track Analysis: Hurry On Sundown / The Reason Is
Track Analysis: Be Yourself
Track Analysis: Paranoia Part 1
Track Analysis: Paranoia Part 2
Track Analysis: Seeing It As You Really Are
Track Analysis: Mirror Of Illusion
Final Thoughts
Track For The Master Playlist
“Hawkwind Is Space Rock” Advert